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Collections & Notebooks

In the Vicinity
Deadbeat Club, 2018
  Back East
Deadbeat Club, 2017
  Animals That Saw Me, Volume Two
The Ice Plant, 2016
  Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes
Spaces Corners & The Ice Plant, 2013
  Animals That Saw Me, Volume One
The Ice Plant, 2011
  Salad Days
Gottlund Verlag, 2011-2012
  Same Difference
Gottlund Verlag, 2010
  Golden Palms
J&L Books, 2007
        Falling Asleep
self published, 2015
  Short Stories
self published, 2012-2017
  City Atlas
self published, 2013-
  Sun Stood Still
self published, 2013-
      April Flowers
Spaces Corners, 2015
  Both Sides of Sunset: Photographing Los Angeles
Metropolis Books, 2015
  Only The Good Ones:
The Snapshot Aesthetic Revisited

Galerie Rudolfinum, 2014
  Photography Now!
IMA, 2014
Knock Knock, 2015