Ed Panar          Salad Days  1991-1995                                         books                      


Salad Days 1-4

Volume 1-4
24 pages, full color
6x9 inches, saddle-stitched
edition of 125
Gottlund Verlag, 2011-2012

Salad Days is a series of four small books. The photographs were all taken by Ed Panar during his high school years in the early 1990's in western Pennsylvania. The books will be released over the course of a typical school year. Volume 1 sees all types of returning students; geeks, motorheads, druggies, sluts & jocks. There is a general awkwardness to them all.


Select Press

"Founded by photographer Nicholas Gottlund in rural Pennsylvania, Gottlund Verlag produces beautifully bound artists’ books and printed matter. Both in the quality of the work and the precision of its presentation, these books seem to enclose material relics of each work’s site-specificity and conception.

Gottlund’s latest book is Salad Days Vol 1, a series of photos taken by Ed Panar as a high-schooler in the early 90s. The work is striking both in its universality and its personal relationship to this time in the artist’s life. Emphasizing the direct interplay between past and present, Gottlund will be publishing the next three volumes of the work in relation to the unfolding school year, now and then.

Re-blogged from Gottlund’s tumblr, the work opens yet another relationship between the two spaces in time. Not only subject to the de-specifying, reproducible form of the tumblr re-blog, the work also channels a sort of tumblr-generated nostalgia. This is both Panar’s memory and the nostalgia of post-millennial high-schoolers, longing for a 1990s they have never lived but remember all the same."
- NY Art Book Fair 2011